4 thoughts on “A New Way To Measure Your Success – The 10% Goal

  1. Julie says:

    This is very thought-provoking. I like the scalability aspect, especially for those of us who are just starting out. Your idea makes something very abstract and intimidating into something that feels do-able. It’s nice to think, “One person? Heck, I can do *that*!”

  2. Jeffery Alan says:

    Thanks so much for all the advice and information that you provide for all of us and am very excited to put the 10% rule into effect from now on.

  3. Mina Estefan says:

    I am new at doing stand up and I will be honest I have been getting good feedback (Laughs) from people who see me preform and I actually would look back at my stand up videos and judge success from just the laughs not actually converting them to fans so this article is one of the best articles I have read because this will help me setting the goal of actually progressing. Man I would like to come back and look at this article and say ummm Thank you this really helped. hopefully that isn’t in 10 years because that will be Allah damn it that took long HAHA jk 🙂

  4. Josh Spector says:

    Glad to hear it, Mina! It’s a little shift in perspective that can really make a big difference over the years.

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