11 thoughts on “7 Things You Need To Understand About People

  1. Hi,
    I don’t remember if I contacted you guys before. I run The Laughter Foundation and am producing a benefit this June 11 in LA to get one comedian health insurance. I am trying to get the word out that we’re looking for a qualified comedian to receive free health insurance for one year. It can’t be anyone I know. If you can, I would love to discuss this.
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  2. blake kiltoff says:

    I’m a comedian and I need health insurance,,,

  3. stacy says:

    Great advice. I would love to hear ideas on how to involve the audience in the funny and alleviate their boredom. Make them sing in round? Encourage hecklers? …?

  4. Frying Pan says:

    Great article. I need to read something like this weekly if not daily.

  5. Josh,
    As a struggling comedian for nearly twenty years I must say this has been one of the best articles I’ve ever read. It makes sense and I’m looking at my career a little differently now. I’m starting to get a few breaks here and there so this advice comes in handy. One of those opportunities is next week I’ll be co-hosting an internet radio show called “The Triangle Variety Comedy Show”. If you’d like to come on and discuss comedic career advice, etc. give me a shout @ briantshirley@aol.com. I’d love to help you spread the word about “Connected Comedy”. Either way, I’ll be reading what you put out.Thanks.

  6. In #5 “If you’re a fan of Connected Comedy” – I’m not a fan, I’m a friend 😉

  7. donshammy says:


  8. Paul Breau says:

    Another great article and I really enjoyed today’s newsletter. In particular: “Don’t think about the value your fans can provide for you, think about the value you can provide for your fans.” So true. As for underdogs – our site http://thestandupcomedians.com – is just that – a bunch of comedians trying to promote the art of comedy – swing by anytime.

  9. Enjoyed the article very much. Although I have been entertaining for years this is my coming out party so to speak as a professional comedian. All advice is greatly appreciated.


  10. Jane Halbrook says:

    This is so true I have always felt like the fan……I love it when people make me laugh 20 minutes straight….Now that’s what depends were really made for LOL…….And don’t care who you are for that moment cuz were all on that same page laughing all the way……

  11. I absolutely love sharing this article, Josh. It’s so well-written and book-markable. Thank you!

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