6 thoughts on “5 Social Media Shifts That Will Impact Comedians

  1. Jovon Torres says:

    As a new comedian, I am excited that I found this site. Your blogs are packed with valuable information that can’t go unnoticed. The hardest part is to implement what I’ve learned.

  2. GAIL JONES says:

    Hi Josh, how much should I ask to be paid for 35 minutes of comedy at a fundraiser where they hope to sell 500 tickets for prime rib dinner and 2 comics, raffle and wine tasting. I think they are going to charge 55 per person. Thank you, Gail

  3. GAIL JONES says:

    One more: Is it possible and how do I combine my my space friends with facebook friends.? Is that ethical? What r the dangers of doing that? Thanks Gail

  4. Great Piece and very enlightening.

  5. Corey says:

    How can i build a comedy fanbase using Twitter?….Just put up funny comments and then transfer those people over to Facebook?

  6. Aniria says:

    Very valuable! This site rocks!

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