One thought on “5 Tips For Stand Up Comedian Alex Kummert

  1. Paul Winters says:

    To get right to the point I am 56, fell down lotsa stairs and broke like 8 ribs,etc,i have had time to develope two acts. Its not telling jokes, when i did my act for of all people my EX and daughters they cracked up. My oldest daughter said she thought i was as good or better than Andy Kauffman! I said “you were not even born yet!” But, she said she has seen his stuff. Now, i am no Andy, just a crumpled, washed up mechanic who due to near death after my fall down the mossy “stairs of death”, i have had plenty of time to refine and add more funny stuff (to me anyway) So…. where do i go from here? Somebody help me!
    Saul Summers (stage name)

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