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Connected Comedy Podcast Episode 40: Core of Optimism

July 10, 2013

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On the “burning bridges” episode of the podcast, Jordan Cooper, Chelcie Rice and Josh Homer welcome J-L Cauvin on the show to talk about the art of blogging as a comedian, why sharing honest experiences is important, how the expectation of success can ultimately cause your failure, and taking the training wheels off your comedy career to get down to serious work.

In addition, we discuss the comprehensive degradation of live stand-up, how the middle class levels in comedy has crashed over the past few years, why comedians tend to treat online content as a second class, and dealing with the lack of incremental growth in your career.

Links from this episode:

Louis C.K. Tells The Classics [YouTube]
The Things New Comics Should Be Doing [J-L Cauvin]
The Business Of Comedy – Documentary [Hulu]
CC Podcast Episode 39: No One’s Going To Feed You
How To Fail In Comedy While Really Trying – Feature Work [J-L Cauvin]

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Laura Jones July 12, 2013 at 2:28 pm

This is a circle jerk of 4 has-been, awful, failed comedians. If these guys were funny, then they would get booked. Um, duh!


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