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Connected Comedy Podcast Episode 29: UCB Butthurt

February 17, 2013

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On the “no respect” episode of the podcast, Jordan Cooper, Chelcie Rice and Josh Homer discuss the recent uproar in the New York City comedy scene about UCB and their policy of not paying comics. Does the difference in mindset & culture between the stand-up and improv communities play a part in their perspectives handling the business side of things? Should how much money a venue makes be of any concern at all to performers anyways?

In addition, we use the incident as a lens to highlight the importance of precedent and aligned expectations when accepting a gig, whether being a professional or amateur matters in this equation, and whether or not a comedian’s union could ever work outside of a small select group of influential industry members.

Links from this episode:

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Ted Alexandro on the UCB, and the 2002 stand-up petition to NYC clubs [Comic’s Comic]

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Joe Cooper February 17, 2013 at 3:30 pm

Having done improv for money in nyc a number of years ago, in clubs, groups get a cut of the door or the whole door.


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