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Connected Comedy Podcast Episode 19: No Jokes About Killing Doctors

October 18, 2012

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On the “chauvinist pig” episode of the podcast, Josh Spector, Jordan Cooper and Chelcie Rice welcome musician/comedian Katie Goodman onto the show to discuss how she produces & promotes her own independent gigs a.k.a. “four walling”, why having a hook helps you get press, how social media has amplified the reach of her fanbase and getting booked for Planned Parenthood fundraisers.

In addition, we speak about misogyny in the comedy industry, why it seems as if women aren’t as aggressive in pursuing opportunities compared to men, whether it’s biological or a product of the environment, whether the bias lies within the industry bookers or the general public as a whole, why being a draw and selling tickets solves all issues – all within the context of Josh Spector’s recent post of the funniest Connected Comedy readers, which featured no women.

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