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Connected Countdown: 10 Things You Need To See This Week

February 11, 2011

In a new feature here on Connected Comedy, I’m going to include a weekly wrap-up post that breaks down the 10 things I think you most need to see this week. It will include a mix of posts on this site and other stuff from around the web that I think should be on your radar. Here goes…

10. 100 Places To Promote Your Comedy Content

This week marked the release of my debut Premium Report, a 20-page report that is jam packed with tips and information about 100+ Places To Promote Your Comedy Content. I’ve gotten great feedback already from readers who have purchased it, and I want to remind you that it’s available for just $15 as an introductory offer. The price will be increased at this time next week, so if you’re considering buying it I recommend getting it now.

9. A Breakdown Of Kanye West’s Web Presence

This Read Write Web post breaks down exactly how Kanye West has used tools like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube to conquer the Internet. Some interesting things that can be applied to comedy promotion as well. For even more Kanye-comedy connection, you can also check out my post about What You Can Learn From Kanye.

8. The Connected Comedy Reader Video Of The Day

Over on the Connected Comedy Facebook page, I’ve decided to start sharing a video each day from a Connected Comedy reader with the rest of the page fans. If you’d like to submit your video for consideration, become a fan of the page and post a link on the page discussion board.

7. Conan or Bust

Here’s a really clever promotion/stunt that I came across on Twitter. Comedy writer Joe Piccirillo and his producer friend Pete Jackson are in the midst of traveling across the country for three months where Joe is performing his writing packet to get a job on Conan and Pete is filming/documenting the journey. Should be interesting to see how it turns out.

6. Why You Should Work More Like Silicon Valley And Less Like Hollywood

In this Connected Comedy post, I break down the reasons there’s more for comedians to learn from the engaging methods of digital business culture than there is from the closed, fearful way that Hollywood operates.

5. Gary Vaynerchuk Q&A

This video is a couple months old and it’s about 45 minutes long, but you’ll both learn a lot and be inspired by watching the incredible social media machine that is Gary Vaynerchuk answer questions from the crowd at the Le Web conference.

4. The Hidden Value Of A Direct Relationship With Your Fans

In this Connected Comedy post, I explain how cementing a direct relationship with your fans and no longer needing to depend on gatekeepers like comedy bookers and record labels can free you up to do what’s best for your career in the long term.

3. Facebook Redesigns Its Fan Pages

Yesterday, Facebook rolled out a new design and some new features for its fan pages that many comedians (and all should) have. This Inside Facebook blog post breaks down what the changes are and what they mean for page owners.

2. 9 Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Launch A Live Comedy Show

The most popular post on Connected Comedy this week, lots of readers have found this breakdown of advice for starting your own show to be helpful and I’m guessing you will too if you haven’t checked it out yet.

1. A Breakdown Of How Digital Tools Saved Conan

This lengthy and fantastic article from Fortune breaks down exactly how the Web saved Conan O’Brien. But it goes beyond just chronicling the Team Coco stuff that you’ve likely seen before and provides an in-depth look at the role that digital tools have continued to play in Conan’s success.

Thanks to everybody that’s checked out Connected Comedy this week and especially to those of you that have helped spread the word about what I’m doing here. In case you don’t know – here’s a breakdown of all the ways you can get connected:

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