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Connected Countdown: 10 Things You Need To See This Week

March 27, 2011

Every weekend I break down the 10 things I think you most need to see this week, including a mix of posts on this site and other stuff from around the web that I think should be on your radar. Here’s this week’s countdown…

10. Win $250 In The First Connected Comedy Contest!

There’s still one week remaining in my first ever contest, where you can win some money for uploading a funny argument to Squabbler.

9. How Rebecca Black Has Changed The Internet Fame Game

Techcrunch looks at the remarkable viral success of Rebecca Black’s “Friday” song and explores what it means for the changing nature of fame on the Internet.

8. 5 Things You Need To Know About Hollywood Development Deals

In this Connected Comedy post, I explain how movie and TV development executives work and what they look for in projects.

7. 3 Easy Ways To Increase Your Album Sales

This post from the Head Above Music blog is geared for musicians, but it’s just as relevant for comedians with albums to sell.

6. 17 Traffic Building Tips From The World’s Most Popular Bloggers

This is a great roundup of advice about how you can get more people to read your blog, from a collection of bloggers who really know what they’re doing.

5. Why You Shouldn’t Do What Jay Mohr Just Did

In this Connected Comedy post, I explain why Jay Mohr’s decision to abandon Twitter is a terrible one.

4. The 5 Rules Of How To Be A Standup Comedy Audience

This article was written by comedian W. Kamau Bell and I’m guessing a lot of you can relate to it.

3. How To Brand Your YouTube Channel

This post from ProBlogger is a fantastic step-by-step guide to how you can get the most out of the design of your YouTube channel.

2. Why It’s Time To Stop Calling Yourself A Standup Comedian

This Connected Comedy post has stirred up a lot of discussion already – check it out and weigh in yourself in the comments.

1. Highlights From The SXSW Comedy Social Media Panel

The Comic’s Comic blog has been kind enough to post highlights from this year’s social media panel and it’s definitely worth a few moments of your time.

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