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27 Things Comedians Should See This Week

May 20, 2012

Here’s a sample of what I shared this week through my Connected Comedy Daily Email. You can get a free subscription here to see what I share next week.

Neal Brennan Reveals How He Uses Social Media To Help His Career (and his competitive spirit)

Facebook launched in 2004. Today, it has more users than the whole Internet had in 2004.

You’ll Be Shocked How Much You Can Learn From Deadmau5

TBS Buys Into Funny Or Die (This should enable even more web-to-TV comedy transitions)

This Week In Comedy Podcasts

The Importance Of Finding Your “One Thing” (This article may change the way you think about your approach to comedy)

5 Ways Evernote Will Make You a Better Comedian (thanks to Chad Lehrman for this link)

YouTube Now Allows You To Add A Store To Your Channel To Sell Merch (If you’re a partner, which you should be)

Mindy Kaling Explains What It’s Like To Try To Sell A New TV Show To Advertisers

The Digital Director For The Onion Resigns And Explains What’s Next For Him (including video of a keynote speech he delivered where he discusses the role of comedy as he sees it)

Laughspin Interviews Hannibal Burress

A Video Interview With Rob Delaney (and details about a new Klondike comedy contest)

5 Things You Can Do to Keep People Engaged on Your Website

How Female Comedians Are Using Tumblr To Further Their Career (I have no idea why this article is limited to female comedians, but whatever)

Jonah Ray Talks About The Nerdist Podcast And Its Impact On His Career

A 2-Hour Johnny Carson Documentary

Advice For Young Comedians (Though it will probably help veteran comedians too)

Louis C.K. Answered Questions On Reddit Today (And 7,000 comments later, this is what you get)

An Interview With Daily Show Creator Lizz Winstead

An Open Mic App Made By A Comedian For Comedians (I haven’t used it, but thought you’d want to check it out)

6 Things Proven To Get You More Retweets (It turns out there’s an actual science to it)

Bobcat Goldthwait Explains Why Sometimes You Just Need To Quit

How To Be Funny Everywhere (TJ Miller and Julie Klausner discuss how to deal with social media overload)

Why Comedians Were Afraid of Patrice ONeal (A lengthy NY magazine feature)

Tina Fey on The Nerdist Podcast (I haven’t listened to it yet, but it has to be good, right?)

25 Web TV Shows You Need To See (Even though I hate the term “Web TV”)

Louis CK Does It Again (But this time he does it with old stuff)

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