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10 Tips To Get The Most Out Of Follow Friday On Twitter

December 3, 2010

Follow Friday has been one of the best “inventions” that the Twitter community has ever come up with. In case you don’t know, Follow Friday essentially means that users post tweets with recommendations of who they think their followers should follow and the end result is a great way for everybody to gain new followers and connect with interesting people.

But with a little help from some creative Twitter search queries, you can also use Follow Friday to identify lots of highly targeted people that you should follow and that may be interested in following you. It’s a great way to find your audience and connect with a community that you want to join.

Here’s 10 Things You Can Do To Get The Most Out Of Follow Friday:

Search: #FF Comedy

This search results in showing you a list of tweets where people are recommending comedy people that they think are worth following. If they’re doing that, the chances are that they’re either comedy fans or comedy creators.

Search: #FF Podcast

This is a great search for podcasters who may be looking for other similar podcast creators to connect with or as a way to find people who already listen to other podcasts.

Search: #FF YouTube Channel

If you’ve got a YouTube channel and want to find other people with YouTube channels to connect with, this search provides you with a great tip sheet.

Search: #FF Casting

There’s not a ton of results for this one, but the people who do show up in a Follow Friday casting search are definitely worth following if you’re looking to line up some auditions.

Search: #FF Comedian

If you’re looking to connect with other stand up comedians, then this is a good search for you because it’s much more specific than the generic comedy search.

Search: #FF Funny Blog

This will likely tip you off to a lot of people who run funny blogs and those are great people to have a relationship with for the next time you’ve got a piece of content you want to promote.

Search: “Who Should I Follow”

This one isn’t just Follow Friday specific, but it seems to be a little more active on Fridays. This is a great search because it gives you a list of people who are actively looking for recommendations about who they should follow on Twitter. It’s the perfect opening to introduce yourself to them.

Search: “Need A Laugh”

Similar to above, this one isn’t just Follow Friday specific and it provides a list of people who are asking for somebody to send them something funny. You might as well be that somebody.

Search For Somebody Else’s Audience

Do you think that Patton Oswalt’s fans would be likely to enjoy what you do? Then search for #FF PattonOswalt and you’ll be able to find a list of his fans that are showing their love for him. Is Dane Cook’s fanbase your target demo? Then a #FF DaneCook search should do the trick.

Don’t Forget About Word Variations

Not everybody uses #FF as their Follow Friday tag. Some people use #FollowFriday or just #Follow. With any of the above searches, don’t forget to also search the different variations of the words.

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